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COVID-19 Government Measures

Bank financing

- available thru your primary bank - application process for round 1 thru your bank is up and running - I suspect the banks will be ready for round 2 by Wednesday, April 23 (they have to amend the web application criteria).

- eligible for employers with $50,000 of payroll or more - this is round 1

- eligible for employers with $20,000 of payroll or more - this is round 2

- up to $40,000 of interest free financing to help to pay for operating costs which could not be deferred.  If $30,000 is repaid by December 31, 2022, the rest of the loan will be forgiven.  If it is not repaid then the loan will be converted into a 3-year term loan with an interest rate of 5%.


Wage Subsidy 10%

- available to all employers (


- please check out the CRA webpage.

- check with payroll service providers how they are going to handle this:

  The net result should be that you end up with about 10% of monthly payroll

  less in payroll remittances (which is the instant cash subsidy).

- please contact us, if you are an existing client and need help.


Wage Subsidy 75%

- please check out the following webpage:


- documentation for this subsidy will be crucial to qualify

- if you are an existing client, we can help with this process,

  when it becomes available.  We will be contacting clients, if we think

  you would be eligible for these payments back from the government.


Emergency Response Benefit

- please check out the following webpage about this benefit and the process to apply for this weekly benefit

- applications for this benefit start on Monday, April 06 based on when you were born BUT there are steps to prepare for this application process.  Please follow the steps

on the web page.


Alberta Emergency Isolation Support

- please check out the following to see if you are eligible


- possible one-time benefit of $1,146.


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Please remember the 15th of each month for your payroll deduction remittances.


Please remember to remit / submit your quarterly GST remittances or returns.

If CRA is mailing us the correspendence, we will take care of the returns.